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is entrenched hezbollah, iran and russia. >> the economy is taking a rare backseat at the summit. partly a reflection of the slow and steady recovery but how they pay taxes to the big 8 countries is likely to be a big issue. matt. >>> thank you. something else expected to get attention the results of iran's election. a moderate cleric is replacing mahmoud ahmadinejad. he won overwhelmingly, what do we know about him? >> he's been backed heavily by the reformist but he's not a reformist. on the inner circle of the conservative rulers of iran. he has a good relationship with the supreme leader and the reformists that came out heavily backing him. if it wasn't for the country's leading reformist he wouldn't have become president. >> when you think of the list of things the united states and iran disagree on. the nuclear program is one of the things that jumps out. how might this new president impact the direction of that program, if at all. >> well, he was chief nuclear negotiator during the late 90s, early 2000 and that's when they saw a suspension of uranium enrichment. he came under heav
is about to meet with fellow g-8 leaders and talk about trade and economy in syria comes the new revelation from edward snowden. it could make things awkward. >> let's get to andrea mitchell who is covering this for us. good morning to you. >>> good morning. edward snowden has struck even. he is released documents on high level spying on foreign leaders including the then president of russia. >> reporter: yet another disclosure that great britain spied on world leaders at two london summit in 2009. one of them targeted the then russian president. protestors outside the u.s. kons lit in hong kong were demonstrating in support of snowden, the acknowledged nsa leaker. >> i think a great person is willing to expose this. >> reporter: china is encouraging support for snowden ever since he told a chinese newspaper last week that the u.s. hacked into computers there for years. on fox, dick chaney who helped institute it and congress rejected the surveillance program. >> i think he's a traitor and committed crimes by violating agreements begin the position he had. >> reporter: snowden is still beli
. then there are the people. the other one who matters, ben bernanke, he recognizes the economy may not be enough to draw the sitmulus in fine 13. what's that mean? in 1937, when we were coming out of the great depression, the
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this morning. and this is what ben bernanke says about the economy, and whether or not it's strong enough for the fed to reduce the stimulus program. gas prices are holding steady at 3.61 a gallon from a month ago, and prices are not rising as we approach the peak season. natalie, back to you. >> thank you so much. >>> miss connecticut is the new mist usa. aaron brady is the 25-year-old accountant, and she beat out 50 other women important the total. >>> a huge win for justin rose at the u.s. open. sunday he became the first englishman in 43 years to win it, ahead two shots in front of phil mickelson. take a look at stefani. he got a whole in one on the 299-yard 17th hole, and that's the way to celebrate that accomplishment. 7:14, and back to matt and savannah. >> an unusual bounce off that sleep. lucky for him. good for him miles per ho. >>> i went to best buy this weekend. >> a beauty. look at that. >> yeah, pretty exspaspectacula. >> yeah, all the way to hrub yuck, and cheyenne. isolated tornadoes, and as you look at the future cast you can see the storms starting to fire up and they w
and says the fed is go ease up on buying bonds. the reason is because the economy is getting strong enough to stand on it's own. if the economy is better, why would the market tank like this? >> people don't ever want to think, you know what, i can do better in bonds than stocks. a lot of people are hiding in stocks. good dividends, good yield. the bond market is safer so they're selling stocks to buy bonds and people who are in bonds are freaking out too because they think the fed is no longer going to support them. there's uncertainly everywhere. >> the bigger picture here, it's about interest rates. historically low for a long time and now interest rates are going to go up. do you think right now, if your opinion, is the economy strong enough right now to with stand the concept of money getting more expensive. >> yes. yes, it is. doesn't seem like it because we don't have the employment growth we want but at the same time we have a lot of industries doing really strong. i wish our foreign trading partners -- i wish china was doing better, and europe was doing better. we're the strongest
of buying bonds to keep interest rates down, saying the economy is getting stronger are. well that could ultimately send rates up on mortgages and cars and credit cards. >>> you might pay less this summer to cool your home. the energy information administration says milder weather predicted for this summer may save you some money on your electric bills, even if it's just a few dollars month, but we'll take it. >>> if you're planning a trip to yellowstone or grand teton national park, be forewarned, the parks have issued a health advisory warning advice gore an outbreak of norovirus in the park that has sicken and the least 200 people already, even before the big summer season starts. the advisory is telling visitors to wash their hands a lot. >>> paris launched a campaign for improving its reputation. some tourerists complained that waiters, taxi drivers and sales people there come off as rude at times. local tourism officials are giving out manuals to people who work in paris with guidelines for better etiquette. >>> new baby pictures to show you this mornle. take a look at these adorab
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7